Medicinal Plant Lexicon

Medicinal Plant Lexicon

The database provides a structured overview of the most important medicinal plants that are present as active ingredients in herbal medicinal products (phytopharmaceuticals) in the Western world or are used in folk medicine.

The monographs contain information on the plants, characterise the medicinally used plant parts (= "drug" in the pharmaceutical sense), and list the most important drug constituents. In addition, they provide important information on the medicinal use of the drugs: indications for use, dosage, side effects, interactions, and warnings. The current number of plants is approx. 180, and the monographs are continuously updated (last update: 05.08.2021).

Adapted by Dr. Katja Löbel (London) and Leonie Schulz (Gommern) on the basis of the German version by Prof. Elisabeth Stahl-Biskup (Hamburg)

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Medicinal plants

Please also note that the information given cannot replace the advice of a doctor or a pharmacist.

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